Reindeer Games

My latest project consisted of making the cute little reindeer bear from this spectacular cricut cartridge. this project took just over 4 hours and there are a few things to keep in mind as my projects will most likely take a little longer than yours-
  • I was creating 2 bear outfits
  • the dexterity of my hands might add the same step 2 or 3 times
  • I also laminated both outfits
**real dial size was NOT used for this project**
**outfits were cut at 9.5" for the two large bears i made**
**cricut craft room will work with ANY cricut machine   (you can change you virtual mat also**
lets start...
  1. Select the cartridge(s) you will be working with. put the cartridge into you cricut so you don't forget it when your ready to cut your project. if you are using cricut craft room and the cartridge is linked to your account-the machine DOES NOT need a physical cart.
  2. This particular cart. has 4 different layers or 4 cut per outfit/costume. this is a picture of my cricut craft room layout. each quadrant is 1 layer or cut. yes the red layer is arranged for my needs so it has been split up.  part of it now will cut in a different paper or pattern. and remember that what you see is how it will cut!!(and yes this project is now saved to my account so my bear can have this outfit/costume again if he needs it.**the lower right quadrant(the one with the wreath in it) has been flipped and i will dicuss those reasons later**
  3. Decide which paper(s) you would like to use. these doubled-sided papers are great!! I love double-sided paper because it helps me quickly decide on which designs work well together.
  4. Cut the parts of your outfit. technically each cut will fit onto my 12x12 mat. when using cricut craft room it will save lots of paper because you will be able to move each cut as close to the edge or other cuts as you want. because i'm kinda lazy and didn't feel like cutting the brown paper I had to cut that antlers on a separate mat. I wanted to show the scrap that will be saved for future projects.

this is what my mat(s) look like
new mats get TOP and a # written on the clear protective cover. (this is supposed to make it stay sticky longer as only one side touches the adhesive of the mat. the # is just one of my weird quirks. I like to put the "correct cover" on the "correct mat"
alright back to our steps (this is actually 5, but i messed it up-SORRY just add 4 to these steps)
  1. place each paper on its own mat. in this case i was able to fit the whole project onto 1 mat. the lower right quadrant was flipped because i need the back side of the candy paper. yes i could have cut the paper and flipped it but we've already determined that i am lazy and will avoid extra step at all costs. also the candy paper has glitter on it and glitter does not adhere well to  the mat
  2. step 6 gets 2 pictures because i had a minor snafu occur. i did not adhere one of my paper secure and had to replace part of it-this happens to most everyone
as another side note...when adhering something to glitter paper or glitter paper to something additional adhesive is required.  i use glue dots. just a tape runner DOES NOT work well 
step 5

what step 6 should look like

step 6 for reindeer 2

the final un-laminated project
i am now figuring out how this post should have been done so i will try to do better in the future. 

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