Easter Baskets

You know the little cartons that you drank milk from as a kid-well that is the inspiration for this cool Easter Basket. I know you want to ask why they are crooked?? The bottom of each container has not been sealed. They are waiting for me to decide what kind of delicious candy to hold. Cute-huh?


George and Basic Shapes

The George and Basic Shapes cartridge comes with almost all cri-cut cutters to get you started.

The following 2 signs were almost completely made with this cartridge. In this first sign I was able to select the slider feature for the letters that "slide" onto the ribbon. I selected the sign post feature for the date and to signify that nursery would be available. Each number was cut at the 5" setting with no special feature selected. The grass was not made using the cri-cut but instead was created by crimping a 1"strip and cutting small blades of grass. Cute-huh?

On this sign each letter or number was cut using NO special setting. Each letter or number was then cut again using the "shadow" feature. The shamrocks were made by using the heart cut-outs. Easy-peasy.